ENSHADOWED: Magic Chaos Psychedelia: CD

This black metal band hasn’t had a full album out for ten years and now we have the newest with nine new songs ready to peel the paint off of the walls.

The first song on here gives you an idea of what you’re in store for on the rest of the album, “Stary Throne Of It” has some great guitar and drum work on it and the bass just crushes, but the vocals by Serpent are done so well, that you want to start singing along with the band. The band is just amazing on the other tracks as well, no lightening up or wimping out, just fast, heavy metal that you just start to bang your head to. The band is great, lots of heavy bass, hard-hitting drums and excellent guitar work throughout from N.e.c.r.o. The vocals are shouted and rough sounding and give the songs the extra push to make them even heavier, but Serpent gets it right and lets us hear all of the lyrics and the anger he projects. Great production work helps the band bring the sound that they are shooting for out well in the mix, especially on the last song” Magic Chaos Psychedelia” which is a very experimental and cool track that starts of very slow and plodding, then the psychedelic effects start coming into the song as well as some Indian language chanting by a female that adds to the song.

A very interesting song that was my favorite on the album because of how unique it is, and an all around great album from ENSHADOWED.

https://www.facebook.com/EnshadowedOfficial  http://www.enshadowed.co.nr/  https://www.facebook.com/pulverisedrecords  http://pulverised.bandcamp.com/  http://www.pulverised.net/

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