VARIOUS Music To Bleed To Volume II: Download

This is a fifteen band, twenty-nine song compilation of some cool punk bands showing off their goods with a great bunch of songs.

You get a ton of great punk songs, some oi!, hardcore and some ska, so there’s something for almost everyone on here. Most of the bands have done a great job with the production, SEARCH THE WITNESS has a terrible production job and it’s good that it’s the last track; you can stop playing the album before you get to it. The only other band that didn’t do it for me was ATROCITY SOLUTION, their ska stuff and pop punk mixed with hardcore vocals just left me cold. This is a really cool release otherwise, better than a lot of other compilations, so grab it and just ignore those few bands. Here are some of the bands that are on this comp; GLOBAL PARASITE, RASH DECISION, WAGES OF FEAR, CLEPTO, SORRY STATE, DIRTY PROTEST, and a bunch more.

This is a solid compilation that has something on here for everyone, get yourself a copy and find your new favorite band. It’s nice when you find a compilation that has enough bands to warrant repeated plays, I know that I’ve played this one lots.

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