STICKUP KID: Nothing About Me: 7″

A pop punk EP from this San Jose, CA five piece band that has five songs on it and comes in three different colors and only five hundred were made.

These five songs go by quickly and they do a good job at what they do. It’s got more punk than a lot of pop punk bands, the bite is there, there’s punch, and power that makes it really shine for me. It’s a really well produced EP, and the band can play very well, the singer has an almost emo type sound to his voice. “Breathing” and “Dreaming of Kenny Rogers” were the highlights on this EP for me, both are full of energy and soaring vocals, pounding drums and great flash on the guitar. They are better than a lot of other bands in this genre an other bands could take a hint from these guys as how to get some excitement into their records..

If you are a fan of this genre, I would suggest that you check them out, they have catchy songs and memorable hooks to make this one a keeper.

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