Chicago’s ROMANTIC REBEL has four songs to make me love them, can they do it?

Yes, they can and they did it within the first thirty seconds of the first song “Waste My Mind” on their debut EP. The guitar starts up playing a nice melody, then the vocals kick in from Cherry Bomb which are strong and has great timber, and then the bass and guitar kick in with a vengeance. What a great song to kick off the EP, then we move into their single “Dirty Love Song” that has great background vocals, killer drumming, some wild guitar leads, powerful bass and the strong forceful vocals just soar in this song which I can see why it was picked as a single, catchy and memorable. Third song “On My Own” starts with some acoustic guitar, then kicks into high gear with electric guitar which is incredible on this entire track, the bass charges across the song, the drums are just amazing on here with them being so intense, but then so are the vocals which just are amazing. They wrap it up with their cover of “Long Live Rock’n’Roll” by Rainbow and just crush it with the intensity that they put into the song. This EP has a lot of classic rock influences in it, but still has a modern feel, and Cherry Bomb has a voice that has a bit of Alannah Myles to it with both vocalists having strong, powerful voices, but that is only a reference, not a copy of her style by any means.

A great start to a career that should be very long if they continue to make music this good in the future.

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