KAOTIK: Starving Death: CD

This is the debut album from this Quebec, Canada death metal band with ten brutal and heavy songs featuring guest vocals on tracks one and six by Luc Lemay from GORGUTS.

They got together back in 2007 and have put out their first EP: New Born Khaos in 2009 on 100 hand-numbered copies. This band kicks things off with a bang on continues the pounding straight through to the end. The guitars rip through the mix with some great leads, some heavy, rhythmic pounding from the drums and the growling almost shredding vocals all make this one hell of a debut album that has a fair bit of thrash mixed in. The opening track “War At The Door” is over six minutes long and features the guest vocals of Luc Lemay of GORGUTS and is going to knock your shoes off with the heaviness of the song. Other awesome songs are  “Lobotomy”, “Screeching Sound” and “Pesticide Shower”, but there are still more for you to enjoy than just those. This album has an old school vibe throughout, and that is a great compliment for these guys, because they do one hell of a job on here.

I was surprised by this album, mostly because of the awful artwork and band logo, but I’m glad that I didn’t judge this album by its cover or else I would be missing out.

http://www.facebook.com/KAOTIKMETAL   http://www.kaotikmetal.com/  http://www.facebook.com/massacrerecordseurope  http://www.massacre-records.com/

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