ILLDISPOSED: Sense The Darkness: CD

This new album from Denmark’s ILLDISPOSED is out on your choice of either eleven tracks or as a limited Digipak with two bonus songs. This is their twelfth album since getting together back in 1991 and was produced and mixed by Tue Madsen who worked with SUICIDE SILENCE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, and SICK OF IT ALL in the past.

Sole founding member Bo “Subwoofer” Summers and band mates Jakob Batten and Ken Holst on guitar, Kussen on bass guitar, and Thomas Jensen on drums have made one heavy and hard-hitting album. There is some pretty ferocious drumming going on here with some cool solos and Summers’ brutal, growling vocals. For a death metal band, there is a lot of melody on this release and it makes it an album that gets turned up and repeated plays because of it. There is a lot of rhythm and groove on this release, it drew me in and I couldn’t stop listening to it. The band really play some straight forward death metal, nothing pretty about it, but it has that something about it that makes you really love it.

These guys really have a winner on their hands with this release, from the good production to the playing, it really is an excellent album and if you are a fan of either this band or death metal in general, you should go and pick up a copy of this, grab the Digipak for the extra two brutal songs.

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