Oh Jeebus nooooooooo!!!!! Another album that starts with an instrumental intro and an instrumental interlude, every time I see this, I think, these guys are not going to be good at all, but they are a good band all the same, even with that cliche.

This is metalcore with a good bit of hardcore in it and it has the tough guy, growly vocals from Matthias with shouts and screams. These five guys from Austria play hard and heavy on here with chugging guitar work by both Benjamin and Markus, heavy booming drums from David and bass from Martin. “Beautiful Black Heart” kicks things off with the required heaviness and sets things up to get the moshing started. The production and mix are pretty good, not super clean, but nice enough to let everything be heard without getting lost in the mix.

I did like it for the most part and some of the album was really good and since it is their debut, maybe they will get a bit better next time, I know I will be playing this again in the future, so it did still kick some ass.

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