GIRLSCHOOL: The Bronze Years: CD

Girlschool have been around since 1978 and have had a ton of compilations of their music done in the past, but this is finally a collection worth picking up and being excited about, all of their first four albums plus bonus tracks from when they were on Bronze Records.

This all female band came out during the NWOBHM era and have been playing their brand of punk tinged metal ever since. This comes in a great clamshell package to protect the CDs which are in cardboard sleeves that look just like the albums did on vinyl, this comes with a twenty page booklet talking about the history of the band including rare pictures, and then you see the great art reproduction on the album covers. The albums have all been remastered by Universal Studios and they did an excellent job on the sound of all of the CDs, the band sounds crisp and clear, and you can hear them better than ever before. The first two albums Demolition and Hit And Run are the tightest in my opinion, lots of great songs that could have been singles, great punky metal and lots of energy from the band and the last two albums, Screaming Blue Murder and Play Dirty seemed to try too hard to get popularity in America, although they still have some really good songs as well on them.

You also get twelve bonus songs including their collaboration with Motorhead, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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