This five piece pop rock group from the U.K. has four really catchy songs on this four song EP. They’ve been around since early in 2010 and show a lot of promise on these songs.

These guys are very poppy, but not cheesy, with bouncy and catchy songs that stuck with me after just one listen. “Sticks And Stones” shows off the band’s talent with it’s energetic playing, a chorus perfect for singing along with and is contagious. “So Much To Say” starts off a bit more mellow, then is goes bashing out into yet another catchy chorus, “Diamond Eyes” starts a bit mellower before building up into a punchy chorus, and “How To Let Go” is a perfect way to end the EP off with. They have driving guitars, soaring choruses and great drumming that propel the songs along at a quick pace that made me have to listen to the EP again.

They aren’t one of those over-hyped up bands that want to change the world, they are a band that’s bringing you great music with no pretensions, just have some fun and listen to us. It’s a refreshing change to hear a band that has talent, good songs and makes me feel good while listening to them, instead of crying about how crappy everything is all of the time.

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