RACKULA: Oves Of Steel: 7″

RACKULA was born in 2008 as a quartet and quickly released their first CDEP followed by their debut full–length CD, Up the Chix two years later. Their new four song release, Oves Of Steel sees the band paired down to a three-piece, but losing none of the power or intensity.

The single kicks off with “G20” and some rumbling bass, then the band kicks in and the wall of sound pushes you back with force. The guitar, bass and drums are all one force of energy that comes across like GBH, back when they were good. “Silly Girl” has angry vocals that are a mix of Joan Jett and Brody Dalle from THE DISTILLERS, drums that crash and smash perfectly, bass that roars and sweet background vocals. “Insecurities” continues the attack with the angry vocals that have a touch of Debby Harry to them, and the bands just charges at you, totally on the attack. “HP Sauce” has a nice grove going on and is so damn catchy that you will be singing along with it on the first listen. Alyssa Nicole on vocals and guitar has such a unique and incredible voice and has a crunchy, yet melodic way of playing her guitar, Patty Wacks on drums and vocals just pummels her kit throughout the EP, and Lucy Fur on bass and vocals has a great rumbling bass that brings the heaviness to the band.

I’m glad that they finally got things together and put out this EP, it should get people talking about them and get their name out to more than the locals back in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. These ladies are out to influence other women to go out and play punk rock, and spread the idea that you need to get out of your bedroom, and find others to play in bands with…sounds like one hell of a good idea to me. Now I need to get a hold of a physical copy of this!

https://www.facebook.com/rackula   http://rackula.ca/


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