PRONOSTIC :Deviated Inner Spectrum: CD

Deviated Inner Spectrum cover art

This four-piece band from Montreal, Quebec plays melodic death metal mixed with technical metal on their debut album that they have released independently. They’ve been around since 2010 and have been getting known on the metal scene in Canada, and with this release, they should gain more of an international profile.

Deviated Inner Spectrum opens with an instrumental track with a short, clean-picked guitar segment that sounds like something that you would hear in a score of a movie, then the band erupts into a feverish explosion as soon as “Methylated Perception” begins. Immediately you hear the technical skills of both guitarists, Alexandre “BeerMan” Lauzon and Charles “Insane Plotte” Pilotte who also do the vocals with Lauzon doing the high vocals and Pilotte doing the growling low vocals. From this track on, the band just destroys with the skill that these guys have, with the bass from Mathieu “La Vie” being nice and deep along with the blast beats from drummer Nicholas “Le Fou” Wells. The production is clear which helps you hear all of the technique that PRONOSTIC has and nothing gets lost or buried in the mix, everything just comes at you hard and heavy, but clean to the ears.

PRONOSTIC has done a great job on their debut, being a heavy band that has proficiency and feeling in their playing and having it come out in spades to the listener. If you are a fan of melodic death metal and want to hear a band that can play better than most metal bands out there, grab this one, crank it up and lose yourself in the metal madness.

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