These pop punkers from Brooklyn, NY have put out a new six song EP that has some straight up punk parts mixed in with the pop punk and it works fairly well. The good part is that they don’t have that BLINK 182 sound that permeates so much of the pop punk bands, but they have the snotty punk attitude turned up enough to take it to another level.

Yes, there are snotty vocals and bouncy bass guitar parts, but they charge forward with energy and it really helps them stand out from the typical crap. Lots of nice harmonizing vocals, fast playing and energy throughout the six songs and the production is bright and clear on here as well. “Val Killed Her” has catchy riffs and some serious drum work, Journeyman” has an old school punk sound with raspy vocals and then goes into powerful ending of emotion & aggression. “Skeeter” is pure punk in just over 2 minutes, on “Keon’s Revival” is a short and catchy punk anthem, “Under Water” they deliver catchy hooks and an emotional chorus. MAN THE CHANGE’s last song “Defeated” has an aggressive performance, showing the band’s heavier side.

For a band that has only been around since 2009 and don’t have a ton of releases to their name, the songwriting and the playing is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I think that this one will get played a bunch in the car.

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