DAYCARE SWINDLERS: Self-titled: 7″

After eight long years, we finally get some new music from DAYCARE SWINDLERS and it’s a damn fine group of songs. These guys have been around for fifteen years and have released six studio albums, and now they finally have this too short three song single out now, but they are promising to finally get around to releasing a full length album soon.

You get some great punk rock on the first song “Bullet Proof”, “Dead Wood”  is an acoustic song with some great guitar work on it and the rest of the band playing with a ton of heart on it as well; it’s almost a celtic type song, slower paced with nice melodic vocals, and the last song, “Bullet Proof” is an all out faster punk song. The punk rock vibe fills out the whole single and really makes me wish that there were more songs on it.

There isn’t one song on here that isn’t one that I wouldn’t want to listen to again, every one of them is played really well, has a lot of emotion in it and the playing is tighter and catchier than a lot of other bands. This is really good and I’m looking forward to the full album.

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