DAD PUNCHERS: Self-titled: LP

DAD PUNCHERS is the newest project from Elliot Babin, drummer of TOUCHE AMORE and DNF and is the first release from Sea Legs.

These eleven songs are pretty basically produced, nothing too fancy, a bit of feedback mixed with some fuzziness and grit permeates the recording, but it works really well. It makes you feel like they went into the studio and knocked this out and released it quickly. There are only two guys on this album, Babin who plays guitar, drums and sings and Matt Ebert who plays bass and backup vocals and they do a really good job, making this a very earnest sounding album with heartfelt singing and playing. This doesn’t have the feel of a lame solo side project, but of a fully fleshed out group of songs. As he calls this “bummer punk”, it’s pretty catchy and has a feel of the 90’s, but not the grunge junk.

This is a pretty good album that I was really surprised to find that I liked it so much, you should check it out and I think you will be surprised as well. It comes on purple or brown vinyl.

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