ANNABEL: Youth in Youth: CD

Youth In Youth cover art

ANNABEL is from Kent, OH and these four guys have put out eleven new songs that are pretty damn catchy and stick with you after you turn off the album.

On this, their sophomore album, have put out a mighty fine mix of indie pop, and emo, but not the crappy, mopey kind, more of the emotional part of that type of music. There are tons of hooks on this album, the drumming really has a nice feel, the guitars have some nice fuzz on them, the bass lines are throbbing in the background and the singer has some really nice harmonies going on throughout the album. These guys have a couple of real short instrumentals to break things up and not every song is fast, but everyone has something to keep your interest throughout. The production and mix could be a bit better, with the bass getting lost sometimes, but you still get the emotion and feel that they are putting forth.

I really think that this is going to give them a good push and make people take notice of them.

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