ACCESS DENIED: Touch of Evil: CD

This five piece, female fronted metal band from Poland has re-released their second album on Pitch Black Records that only had a limited release in their home country.

You get nine songs on this album with female vocals that show power and none of that wispy goth metal histrionics. The guitar leads are pretty good, but the production is flat and not clear at all. The drums have that cheap thump sound and are in the front of the mix too much, with the vocals and guitar getting lost. The first song is a nicely done instrumental which kicks things off really well, but the production really hurts the rest of the album. They sing in English and the singer does have a good voice, but the muddiness on the album is too much.

This band shows a lot of potential and I did like them, but when the label re-released this, they should have remixed it or cleaned up the production someway to improve what is an average album now, to an above average one. I hope they get it right next time.

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