180 PROOF: The Gutter Sessions Part 2 – 666 dB: CD

cover art

This 3 piece rock band from Melbourne, Australia are back with seven more songs of blues-based hard rock, and punk attitude to spare on this release.

This time, 180 PROOF go a little serious on the first song “Pedicabo Et Irrumabo” which is an instrumental that is quiet and you can really hear the blues influence in this song, then the band kicks it into high gear with “Street Machine” and we are back with the crunch of the guitar playing of J.J. Mötherfücker and the hard-hitting drums from Andrew Andrew “Andy” Andrews, plus the thumping bass from Professor Serious. “Wasted Angels” kicks thing off with the bass and guitar playing off of each other and the drums smashing away, then things settle into a nice groove song that you can nod your head along to and play some mean air guitar with. “Rock N Roll Zombie” is a fast-paced song with a MOTORHEAD feel and will have you up and shouting along to it and looking to fuck up shit, possibly my favorite song on here, next to “Angels Reprise” which is a great bluesy song with awesome guitar playing. The guitar playing just gets inside your head, you close your eyes and you can feel the love and intensity of the playing on the song.

The vocals aren’t all filled with the same snottiness as on the last EP, the band plays with more blues mixed in, but it doesn’t take away from the sleaze, it just gives them a different side and shows some maturity in the playing. 180 PROOF has taken what they did previously and expanded on it, and did a damn good job of it as well.


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