180 PROOF: The Gutter Sessions: Part 1 – The Filth and Freedom Overture: CD

180 PROOF are a 3 piece rock band from Melbourne, Australia that play a mix of blues-based hard rock, and old school punk. 180 PROOF’s latest EP  was recorded and released completely independently by the band, from their own studio in the back of a motorbike workshop in inner city Melbourne.

These guys have a gritty sound that has the dirt, dust and grease from that motorbike shop all over this EP. The vocals are a bit snotty, the guitar has that grit on it, the drumming is hard and the bass chugs along giving the band depth. With only four songs, 180 PROOF come out with guns blazing to grab your attention and make you sit up and take notice. First song “Stick It To The Man” has the feel of the late 1980s hard rock bands with a bit of MOTLEY CRUE thrown in with the way the guitar’s crunchy sound, and great drumming. The vocals are catchy and tuneful, this is one of those songs that will get crowds shouting along with. The second song “It Sucks To Be You” is a rager with a great solo, drums just smashing away, thick bass and the singer having a snotty, unconcerned with your life delivery, this is my favorite song on this EP. “Intoxication” is all about getting drunk and forgetting the shit in life, and the band puts on another performance that will have you raising a glass to them, and that just leaves “Live Too Dirty”, that starts off with great guitar playing, then drums, bass and then the vocals kick in and the bands gets nice and sleazy on this song.

Band members J.J. Mötherfücker on guitar and vocals, Professor Serious on bass and vocals and Andrew Andrew “Andy” Andrews on drums have come up with a grimy, sleaze rock fest with swearing and grooves that will get your ass moving and get you drinking, exactly what these guys are looking for you to do when you listen to them.


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