RAWAGE: Triumph of Sin: CD

RAWAGE was started back in 2009 in Loimaa, Finland and musically RAWAGE is influenced by black, thrash and death metal which you can hear on this three song EP.

These five guys have laid down some heavy songs that make you want to get into the pit and mosh your ass off. They aren’t shy with the songs either, I mean, you can’t get more obvious than “Jesus Sodomized”. The songs are gone before you know it and it leaves you wanting more from them, which is a good thing, always leave them wanting more. Good production and mix, nice and loud with a close, tight feel to it. The vocals are deep and growling throughout, the band is just brutal in their playing and it has the feel of a band that has been around for a while, but still has bite to them.

They are a young band with a long future ahead of them. Grab a copy and blast it loud.

https://www.facebook.com/rawage   http://www.violentjourneyrecords.com/

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