DEATHMARCHED: Spearhead Of Iron: CD

This old school death metal band from Finland is composed of three ex-members of PUTRID and GOD FORSAKEN and one ex-member of BLOODRIDE who have been together since 2009. They have their debut album out now on Violent Journey Records.

Spearhead Of Iron is eleven heavy, mid-paced death metal songs with a short instrumental opener. The leads are nicely done and not overpowering the songs, the bass and drums pummeling behind and the growling vocals, that you can actually make out the lyrics to. The songs are produced and mixed well, clear and concise, no fluff, just to the point and heavy. The pit will be rocking with this album, especially with my favorite song “Massmurderer”, a song that could almost fit into a hardcore band’s set. Lots of good songs and great playing from these four guys on this album, it stands out from a lot of the bland death metal and brings back the good old days.

This was a nice change of pace from a lot of mediocre death metal and really should get these guys some international notice which they deserve.

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