ANTAGONIST ZERO is a five-piece metal band from Porvoo, Finland, formed in 2010 whose members have been in bands such as ADASTRA, CAVUS, COPROLITH and LOST IN TEARS.

They call their music catatonic metal which includes elements from different types of metal genres, such as doom, death and black metal, but they also have some melody in that mix as well as some classic hard rock/metal in the guitar work and some of the vocals which are very melodic at times. You get the growling vocals of course, but the melodic vocals make it stand out. On their five song debut album, these five guys have done an interesting job of mixing things up, although the very long songs tend to drag a bit, there are nice atmospherics on this album and the band are really good players. If they trimmed a bit of the excesses in time, they would have been higher on my list, but they still will do a good job of scaring the normals in your neighborhood if you play this loud, which is the only way to play it in my opinion.

Not a perfect album, but a lot of promise from this Finnish five piece band. I will keep an ear out for more from them in the future.

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