UNION JACK: Never Ending Struggle:CD

UNION JACK are a three piece band from France playing some punk rock, and melodic hardcore, with a touch of hip-hop scratching, rhythm and vocalizations thrown in the mix and a bit of ska. I never would have thought that they would get away with making it work so well, but they do!

The vocals are nice and raw, but not screaming, just yelled and sung really well, and some gang vocals and dual vocals going on. These guys have been around for over fifteen years and this album shows that they are not wimping out or jumping on a bandwagon at all. They have a RANCID/CLASH feel on some tracks, but they don’t copy them, UNION JACK takes the influence and makes it their own. I had to crank this puppy up nice and loud because I was digging it so much, so much so that I turned to my wife and told her how much I liked it and played her some of it. Every song was just as good as the last one, I couldn’t pick out just one song that was my favorite, not when they all were.

Now I have heard this album, I have to hear more from these guys, so send me more!!! This is going to be one that I’m going to be playing a lot.

https://www.facebook.com/badska   http://unionjack.free.fr/   http://www.beer-records.com/hp.html

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