THESE DAYS play modern rock with a bit of pop flair mixed into their songs. This four piece from England put out their debut album with ten tracks of punchy and engaging music on it.

These guys formed in mid 2011 from a collective of various Salisbury bands DANCE KARATE, DROWNED BY OCEANS and I MET NATURE. The album starts off fairly relaxed with the song “Only You”, which has some nice vocal harmonies on it and keeps getting better as it goes on. The band has touches of pop in the instrumental pieces in some of their songs and with the catchy vocals which keep the harmonies going along the album. The album is chock full of hooks and the more you listen, the more they stay with you. The band steadily gets harder and faster as the album goes on, but not too hard to wreck the vibe that they lay down. The guitar work is full and the drummer takes care to bash away with just enough verve to make you nod your head along without going too hard, and the bass is very fluid and bouncy in places.

It took me a couple of listens, but I really got into this album, and really like it. Grab a copy and check them out.

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