THE HEX BOMBS: Self-titled:

This five piece streetpunk band from Kalamazoo, MI has put out a four song EP that starts off with a bang and ends with a nice mellow, acoustic song. This is a taste of their third album that they’re working on, and this release kicks ass!

The three fast songs go from having gruff vocals, to a more melodic style, but lose none of the punch that a street punk band needs. The songs are catchy as hell, and the playing is tight, with production that isn’t super clean, which would take away from the grittiness of this band’s songs. Yes of course the lyrics are about unity and being not accepted, but damn it, that’s what I like about this style of music, it’s not always super serious political rhetoric, or depressing like some other genres.

This shit is catchy and well-played, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next for them. I totally love this, and want to get the new album as soon as it comes out and see them live; you know it will be a fun night.

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