OUT CROWD: Just Us: 7″


Seven songs of fast hardcore that has dual vocals and go by so fast that you’ll be up out of your seat a bunch of times to replay this baby. I’m going into this one totally blind, I have never heard of this band before and don’t have a clue about them except that guitar, bass and drum players Pete, Steven and John started Atlanta, GA’s OUT CROWD in the winter of 2010.

With that out-of-the-way, OUT CROWD are a tight hardcore band that don’t have the metal sound that is in a lot of hardcore bands, but more of a punk edge to their music. They come at you with impassioned shouted vocals that rail against apathy, wanting a chance in life to be more, and being yourself. The playing is really sharp, lots of chugging guitars with crisp leads, full and forceful bass, a drummer that just pummels his kit and so much energy that I got tired just listening to them. Every song on here is a keeper, they didn’t put anything on this EP that isn’t a fully formed battle cry that kicks ass.

For a band I knew nothing about, I now want to know more and find out if there is more music from them out there. If I could find out if they are still together and if they are, will they be playing anywhere near me….hmmmmmmm.


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