This band has been generating a ton of hype in the U.K. about them being leaders of the U.K. rock revival…I don’t get it at all.

These five guys from Cambridgeshire play modern rock with emo type singing and do a good job of rocking out in spots, but the modern rock is really thick, more rock, less of the emo/post hardcore type stuff might convince me that they are contenders, but it just doesn’t give me enough rock. Now if we review it from the emo/post hardcore side, it’s a pretty good album with a bunch of anthemic songs and big production. There are eleven songs on here with “1949” being a mellow, ballad type song that didn’t grab me, but the guitar work and drums throughout are really good. The vocals are sung/shouted throughout and do a great job of putting forth a lot of emotion and are well done. I did think that the first song reminded me of TENACIOUS D in the vocal area, and I thought that I would ask my wife and she confirmed it. “Beggars” starts the album off and rocks out pretty good, “Lighthouse” has an uplifting chorus and keeps up the pace, “Death Rattle” has riffs galore, and ‘Wake Up’, Misdemeanour’ and “Bury Your Head” all keep the intensity up.

The new rock gods to save rock in the U.K., that’s not up to me, the newest band to put out a really good emo/post hardcore album…yep!

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