MAKER: Self-titled: CD

MAKER is a five piece band from Springfield, MA that plays basically a mix of modern rock, post hardcore, and some almost screamo elements all mixed together. They put out their self-titled five song EP and it has a lot of energy and a lot more melody than I was expecting.

The vocals have a screamo feel at times, but they temper that with more subdued and melodic vocals in their songs which is really nice. The guitar work is nice and crisp, the drums are thumping away nicely in the back and the bass is fluid throughout the EP. The songs are actually fairly catchy which made the EP stick with me after I stopped listening to it. “Shadows” and “You Know Who You Are,” are catchier than the songs on the previous release, which was an interesting change, if this is where they are going on their future releases, it should be very cool.

These guys have taken a turn toward evolving their sound since their last release Mirrors and it really works for them. It should be interesting to see where they go from here, hopefully going in this direction and still keeping the power and excitement that they brought to this release.

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