IMPO & THE TENTS: Pop Secret: 7″

I love this! These three guys from Stockholm, Sweden play great pop punk mixed with power pop that brings back memories of the great band the DICKIES with the mutual use of organ, bouncy guitar lines and great, crazed vocals.

I’ve heard a few other releases from this great Swedish band and they just keep getting better and more fun. These four songs just jump out at you with the energy of an exploding sun and start making the smile come out on my face, and then the head starts bobbing, the feet start tapping, then it’s all out chaos of jumping around the room like a lunatic. Yes, they’re that good! It’s hard to believe how many pop punk bands get this wrong and end up in the BLINK 182 junk wagon, instead of taking the lead from the DICKIES and having fun like these guys. The songs on this single are Pop Secret, Worthless Love, Nag, and I Don´t Care (What Happens To Me Now) and everyone is a classic!

They’ve been around since 2009 and now I must have all of their music…damn Swedes! I played this for my wife and she loved it too. I can’t give a better review than her approval.

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