IGNORANCE: World Of Waste: CD

IGNORANCE are a five-piece band from Maine and New Hampshire who do straight up hardcore mixed with a bit of punk. This disc features the seven-song “World Of Waste” recording session plus four from their demo.

Chugging guitars, heavy bass, screamed vocals, and smashing drums on the first song “Ignotro”, then we get the manic hardcore thrash attack going on the second song “Apples, Oranges And Dates”. IGNORANCE doesn’t let up on the pace during this album, the band plays hard and heavy throughout and they pull off what is a very short album, but also one that has great lyrics, energy, and  fast choruses leading to stomp-inducing mosh parts that will get you party to go from ok to awesome. Songs about suicide, apathy, being yourself and other things that piss them off are the topics and they really don’t care if they piss you off because maybe it will get someone to think and act for themselves.

This was a great album that I listened to a ton of times in a row and liked it more and more each time. It sucks that IGNORANCE disbanded last year after a two-year period, but at least we have this document of their glory.

http://arrestrecordsnh.com/site/   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arrest-Records/117569018270903

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