Eleven new songs from this five piece Swedish rock band who have some punk, modern alternative and emo mixed in.Their latest full-length, entitled Rivals came out last November through Swedish label Panic & Action and was recorded in New York.

On their third album they have given us some hard-hitting, melody driven songs that have a lot of energy and really good production from producer/mixer/engineer Mike Plotnikoff (ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, BON JOVI), so you know it’s done clear and with care for maximum hit potential. Of course, this also means that there are two slow songs for the ladies, “I’ll Be There For You”, and “Bonnie & Clyde (The Revolution)”,  one total ballad and a power ballad with all the pompous bombast you would expect. The first track off of Rivals is Working Class Punks”, which has a lot of intensity, a little snottiness, and a punk-based punch that grabs you right away. “Love Kills” is the album’s first single and the punk angst of this song made it stand out and will be a popular song in their set, and so many more great kick-ass songs on this album.

The band are really good players and do a great job of rocking out and should stick to that and drop the ballads, but you have to give them credit for trying anything that they can to get radio play. I just hope that they get recognized for the harder faster songs because a lot of people would be shocked to find out they aren’t the sensitive band that those songs make them seem like.

https://www.facebook.com/HerBrightSkiesFanPage   http://panicandaction.com/

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