HAMMERCOCKS: Beer and Bones: CD

Sixteen blistering tracks from this four piece band from Waco, TX on this CD that don’t let up. They describe their music as “Southern Punk Fuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and that pretty much describes them perfectly.

These guys have been around since 1993 and haven’t grown up at all, still singing about booze, sex, and more of the same. I threw this on and was lit up with a smile on my face as soon as I heard the play and then the lyrics just added to the fun. Fast-paced scum rock mixed with punk where the vocalist lets loose with his crazed singing in his slightly gruff vocals, guitar playing that is chuggy, with fast licks ripped out, bass playing that is bubbling under the cacophony, and a drummer that seems to be trying to kill his drum kit. The song “Women Dressed Up Like Men” slows thing down with some acoustic music and half of the next song, “Pour Me A Whiskey” has it too, and then the album just cranks it up and goes full speed again. Just a sampling of the titles should give you an idea of the debauchery that is on here, “Chubby Chaser”, “Runnin’ Down My Leg”, and “Fuck”. Every song an instant classic! I’ve listened to their previous albums and they just keep getting better. They would fit perfectly on a concert bill with SPEEDEALER, ANTiSEEN, NASHVILLE PUSSY, and others like them.

These guys need to put out some new music and I need to go see them live because I know they would be awesome! If you aren’t so tight assed and want some stupid fun, grab some booze, throw this in the CD player, turn it up loud, and put a smile on your face with this album.

http://hammercocks.bandcamp.com/   https://www.facebook.com/messages/hammercocks

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