FAR FROM FINISHED: Let’s Be Frank: 7″

This new four song EP by these Boston, MA punks is a great, unpretentious punk fest. No bullshit rock, emo, or other crap, just balls out punk rock, remember that stuff kids?

All four songs by this band are winners, with great guitar work, dirty solos, and drumming that drives this EP along in a nice peppy pace. The vocals are raspy which adds to the feel of this, and the gang vocals just add more to it. This new EP was recorded and produced by the famed Jim Siegel who known for his work with DROPKICK  MURPHYS, HAVE HEART, and the UNSEEN and he did a great job, making it clear enough to hear everything going on, but gritty enough to keep an almost street punk feel to the songs. The songs are “Breakdown”, “Mother Mercy”, “Man in the Picture”, and “Forever Endeavor”.

The four songs are all really catchy and instantly grab you on the first play, by the second or third, you start singing along and then you’re hooked. Grab this and check them out on tour.

https://www.facebook.com/farfromfinished   https://www.facebook.com/FlixRecords   http://flixrecords.merchcowboy.com/?___store=flixrecords_storeview_en&___from_store=flixrecords_storeview

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