BORN ANNOYING: Living How You’re Not: 7″

Born Annoying is a hardcore/punk band from the Jersey Shore formed in 2011. This is their debut vinyl EP with six short songs that will make you put this on repeat.

BORN ANNOYING don’t waste a second on this EP, they come out of the gates with both barrels and you the listener just put your hands up and surrender to the ruckus that these guys are making. The guitar buzzes like a Japanese Zero coming at you, the drummer is hitting the kit as if it’s on fire and he;s trying to put it out, the bassist is throwing chunky riffs out, and the singer is yelling at you to get his point across. There are bits of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES on here, especially on “Forever” which made me think of “I Saw Your Mommy”, the gang vocals rocked and every song was one of those get up and slam songs that I love so much.

This was all killer and no filler, one that I will be bugging people with for a long time. These guys would be wild to see live, go check them out if they come your way.



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