This is the return of THE VINDICTIVES after more than ten years away from making music together on Sexy Baby Records. The EP was recorded, mixed and produced by founding members Joey Vindictive and Johnny Personality.

The EP starts with the poppy “Touch It” which has a country twang to the guitar and is very quick paced, “Nightmare, Man” is a power pop song with a bit of 1950s rock influence on the background vocals and has a little feel of “Stacy’s Mom” by FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE going on, “Joining The Circus” is reminiscent of THE DICKIES with the fun, goofy lyrics and nasal vocals, and “Shrinkerhead” continues the feel of THE DICKIES. Bonus track “Shrinkerhead” appears on the digital download card only, not on the vinyl record itself. THE VINDICTIVES have got all of the fun back on this release, just like they never went away in the first place. It’s always a treat when a band you really like comes back and still puts out material of quality, and doesn’t follow any trends, but sticks to what made them great in the past and in the present, fun! They truly sound like they had a blast making this EP and it shows in the tight playing, and the enjoyment in the vocals to be back out there again.

THE VINDICTIVES sound has always been one of pop punk, but not cheesy or limp, and they hit the nail on the head with the playing on this one. Great work fellas, glad to have you back, stick around for a while, pop punk needs you!

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