THE NIGHT BRIGADE: Save My Soul: 10″


Save My Soul cover art

THE NIGHT BRIGADE formed in late 2008 in Normal, IL on the campus of Illinois State University, their debut E.P. was released in the summer of 2009 and now they have this 10″ single out on Sexy Baby Records on red and black split color vinyl.

First song “Airing of Grievances” is a great jumping in point, hard-hitting punk rock with great vocals about not taking shit from people and plenty whoa-ohs, the band playing on high-speed, bass line banging…awesome! “We’ve Gone Too Far” has the whoa-ohs, the great bass taking a prominent place, trombone, vocals that have a touch of Joe Strummer in them, it’s kind of when he was with THE MESCALEROS with the mixture of punk, a touch of ska and a bit of country thrown into a blender. “Save My Soul” talks about how music has been the saving grace and kept them going all these years from youth to adulthood and its played with conviction and is very heartfelt and powerful knowing that music means that much to them. “I Rode Mine (Sturgis , South Dakota)” is a great punchy punk rock song with a great guitar solo thrown in and the band hits the road running on a full tank. “I’m Coming Home” is another great rocking song about getting together with friends and feeling the love and comfort of being with them. Finally we come to the last song “Conversations with Sam Schild”, the longest song on the single at just over four and a half minutes long is a great song about missing your friend and reminiscing about the times you had with them, and the band plays more straight forward punk rock with anthemic main vocals, background vocals adding to the mix, the guitars ringing clear and full of melody, the bass rolling, the drums giving a big sound to the song, and the vocals actually have a feeling of longing and sadness to them, this had to be the song that made this single go that much more into great.

This was one of those singles where you put it on and went wow, this is cool, and it just got better. The lyrics are fantastic, other bands might go off into emo or boring clichés, but THE NIGHT BRIGADE put a lot of effort into making a record that goes beyond the average band and made this into a tour de force for them.

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