RUST BELT DEMONS: Never Mind The Singles…Here’s The Flexi Babies: 7″ Flexi Disc

Never Mind the Singles... Here's the Flexi Babies, Vol. 1 cover art

Milwaukee’s working class punk rock and rollers the RUST BELT DEMONS have put out a cool flexi disc for Sexy Baby Records that has two songs on it, but if you buy the download or the flexi that has a download card included, you get an exclusive bonus song. The songs on the flexi were all recorded live at WMSE 91.7 FM in Milwaukee, WI.

RUST BELT DEMONS have a great mixture of older punk rock and streetpunk mixed together and they have the sound and feel of those old records that you used to listen to from your older siblings when they would let you into their room when you were a kid. That’s not to say that they’re not modern, not at all, but they don’t pander to what is cool and trendy, they stick to what they love and they do it with gust. A very punchy sound on this flexi, especially for being a live recording which has so much energy coming at you. The flexi kicks off with “Burn Suburbia”, a very angry and energetic tirade against the mediocrity of that life with great raw vocals, powerful drumming, thundering bass, and guitar playing that gets your blood pumping. “City Of Lies” has a nice bouncing bass line, strong guitar playing, hard-hitting drums, and the angry vocals singing about how things are shit, and the bonus song “True ‘Til Death” has that bouncy bass line, guitars with feedback and at times chiming, tight drumming, and vocals that are a little more subdued, but still powerful.

This was a great flexi that gave me a taste of what RUST BELT DEMONS sound like live and I loved what I heard. It’s always great when a band that sounds good on a studio recording can play live and not sound like shit, but bring the energy from their records to life and add to it…these guys did that in spades.

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