LAWSKOF: Self Titled: Download


Self Titled cover art

Melodic punk from Cleveland that has energy and makes it hard to believe that this is their first release with how much talent these guys have. The level of energy on here is crazy, they are playing their brand of melodic punk nice and quick with a ton of hooks on these six songs.

The release starts off with cymbal hits and then the band kicks in, the vocals have the snotty and gruffness mixed together, gang vocals and hooks…did I mention the hooks, they just make the first song, “Wet Brain” a great way to start off the album. The band just keeps the great pace going with the next song, “Kid, You’re Gonna Be Great” with more hooks and woah-ohs all over and super tight playing. The band has great guitar work with the gritty playing, the bouncing bass, the driving drumming, and the vocals which go from growling to the cleaner sound on most of the tracks. The production is clear, giving you the ability to hear the band and not have them buried or covered up.

These guys are making me really enjoy melodic punk by throwing in some pop, but not letting it take over the music, they just put it into the mix to make the hooks grab you, and they do. I’m looking forward to what comes next for them.

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