Oi! & Street Punk band from Voskresensk, Russia that was formed in April 2008 and has a few previous releases out already, comes out with a great oi! / streetpunk release that will satisfy your cravings, and from a band you probably never heard before.

They have all the gang choruses down, the hard-hitting drumming, the ripping guitar work, rumbling bass and gritty vocals with the lyrics about freedom and fighting for what you want. It’s all sung in English and they really pour on the grit on this release with the band playing hard and tight on the fast songs and relaxed on the two slower songs, the celtic  “Tales Of The Honour” which was a fantastic song with warmth and great lyrics, and the acoustic “Paradise & Hell”. I was really impressed with the quality of the production on this album, nice and crisp, but not smoothed over, still nice and sharp.

With twelve great songs on this release, it was hard to pick one that I just loved, but  “Tales Of The Honour” and “Bastards” were the ones that I kept on repeat. Definitely a keeper from this Russian streetpunk band and a band that I will be keeping my eye on in the future.

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