HOUNDS & HARLOTS: The Good Fight: LP

San Francisco’s HOUNDS & HARLOTS have put out their debut album that has a mix of punk rock and oi! / streetpunk mixed together to great effect. The band has the sound of classic punk rock and oi! bands from the old days like Cocksparrer and more recent bands like the STREET DOGS, but still has its own personality.

HOUNDS & HARLOTS have sharp song writing with crisp, clear production and they throw in those great gang vocals that just make you want to sing along with them. The band writes anthemic vocal harmonies and gives us no-bullshit punk rock riffs that just grabbed me when I put it on. The songs were all quick, tightly played with vocals that ranged from the gang vocals, dual vocals and just gruff enough singing to give it that edge, speedy guitar, banging bass, and drums that made the foot just tap away out of control. I really loved the one-two punch of the first two songs, “Divisadero” and “Shot down” with the catchiness of the songs and the energy of them.

The band has energy to spare, and if this is what their first album sounds like, wow, I can’t wait to hear what’s next from them. This is going to be played a hell of a lot around my house.

https://www.facebook.com/houndsandharlots   http://houndsandharlots.com/   http://blackholerecs.com/   http://skinflintmusic.com/   http://www.contra-net.com/

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