BROUGHT BY PAIN: The Dreamer’s Will: CD

<br />Brought by Pain - The Dreamer

Progressive death metal from Montreal, QC played hard and heavy on the nine tracks that they have laid down on their debut album. One member of BEYOND  CREATION, Kevin Charté on guitar is also a member of BROUGHT BY PAIN.

They use a lot of technical ability on this album, lots of incredible guitar fret work that shows the talent that Olivier Bourbonnais-Allaire and Charté have being able to intertwine their playing so well together to create the fantastic riffs and the changing time signatures that are used so well on this album. The drumming is fast and intense, so much so that you think that Gabriel Choinière Fortin would get tired out, but he just keeps on going, Energizer bunny, eat your heart out! Vocalist Samuel Ouimet has terrific evil sounding guttural vocals that add to the overall sound especially mixed with the higher vocals blended with his lower register and Brendan Dean on bass lays the heaviness on thick. The production is surprisingly clear and helps you get a good earful of the skill that these musicians have, they really have a lot of talent and show it on this great album.

This isn’t going to convert you if you’re not a fan of this style of music, but if you have an open mind, and / or a fan of this style of metal, you have found your manna. Pick this one up and prepare to be blown away.

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